Safety Razor

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Ditch the disposable razors with this safety razor from Zero Waste Market. Designed to have an easy to hold handle with grip in all the right places.

An estimated 5.5 million people in the UK are currenlty using disposable, plastic razors in their beauty routine. This is contributing to an ever growing problem of plastic pollution in landfill, water ways and natural habitats. 

This reusable safety razor is built to last a lifetime and only requires the razorblade to be replaced once it's blunt.

By using a saftey razor you are not only contributing to reducing plastic pollution but also saving yourself money. This is a small investment for lifetime savings.

The razor is made from solid brass, with a chrome coating. This creates a weighty razor and a close shave.

To use, sit the razor at 45 degrees to the skin, and use short strokes instead of long strokes to get the best shave.

The saftey razor is one of my favourite zero waste swaps. They do the same job as the disposable version but without the waste.

The razorblades can be recycled, it's best to pop them in a tin can in your recycling to ensure they make it through the recycling process.