Waxys Vegan Food Wrap: 3 Pack

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Ditch clingfilm and try these reusable food wraps instead - suitable for vegans.

Made from 100% organic cotton coated with a unique blend of food friendly wax, the same used to package cheese. Use warm hands to mould and seal it to create a breathable alternative to cling film for food storage. Simply clean it after each use with a mild washing up detergent and lukewarm water, allow to dry naturally and reuse your Waxyz wrap over and over again.

Small 18cm x 24cm

The small Waxyz wrap is the perfect size for snacks, fruit, a small piece of cheese or covering a small bowl.

Medium 24cm x 28cm

A Waxyz wrap which is the perfect size for wrapping cheese, sandwiches or left over vegetables and fruit.

Large 32cm x 32cm

A Waxyz wrap large enough for wrapping your greens, keeping a loaf of bread fresh for days, covering a casserole or just a man size sandwich.