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Did you know that many disposable menstrual products contain plastic? If you're wondering how to reduce your waste production on your period look no further. A mooncup will last you years and so it's quite the investment.

Mooncups can take some getting used to, most bloggers suggest trying it out for at least 2 cycles to allow yourself to get used to using it. I recommend reading some blogs on peoples experience using the mooncup, it really put me at ease when I first gave it a go and allowed me to remain calm when trying to remove it!

Once you get the nack you'll find the mooncup super comfortable and convenient, as well as zero waste! Winner!

Head over to the mooncup website for all the FAQ's

Choose size A if you:

 Are 30 and over


Have given birth vaginally whatever your age

Choose size B if you:

Are under 30 & have not given birth vaginally