Bambu Cutlery Set

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We at Zero Waste Market love to use this set on the go, perfect for Festivals and picnics! 

Made from a single piece of moso bamboo, shaped and finished. Moso bamboo is a sustainable source of bamboo, which grows incredibly quicker, requires very little water and is also not eaten by Pandas.

Bamboo is more durable than wood, is heat & stain resistant and naturally antibacterial, making it perfect for use with food.

To ensure the long life of this product, hand wash and dry thoroughly. They can be coated in a little olive oil to keep them in good condition for years to come.

As they are fully compostable when they're no longer fit for function, throw them in to your food waste bin or compost bin.

Each set has a Knife, Fork and Spoon tied together with string. No packaging wasted!